In an earnest effort to make the next twelve months the most successful year for your Medi-Cal billing programs yet, we are pleased to invite you to be our guest at one of the School Medicaid Collaborative Annual Conferences scheduled in February and March of 2015.

One of Paradigm’s foundational beliefs is that school Medi-Cal programs play a significant role in enhancing opportunities for students and families in our communities—and that this requires a collaborative effort on the part of the participants, coordinators, school administrators, and even Paradigm as your vendor.

These events, presented by Paradigm’s leading program specialists, will energize you—the program coordinator and the administrator—with a renewed grasp of your Medi-Cal billing programs. Our conference objective is to expose you to new data and information that will assist you in your efforts toward achieving compliance with program rules and running optimized programs.

As a reminder, these conferences are offered at no cost to you.

REGISTRATION FORM: RSVP by February 1, 2015

Please submit one form per attendee from your school. Please allow up to two (2) business days for us to send you a confirmation e-mail, which will include location and conference details. If you haven’t received any information after the second day, contact us by calling (888) 536-0920. We look forward to seeing you there!

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