School Medicaid Collaborative Conference Summary

On March 1-12, 2021, Paradigm hosted its first-ever virtual conference. Through interactive sessions and workshops, attendees learned vital Medi-Cal Billing program information, received tools, solved problems, and collaborated virtually. Most importantly, this year, we celebrated our Program Coordinators, the actual program #champions, who are making a difference in this time of difference.

2020 was an eventful year. With State Plan Amendment (SPA) 15-021 officially being implemented, the public health emergency and telehealth at the forefront, there was a lot to keep up with. Paradigm’s 2021 School Medicaid Collaborative Conference focused on delivering insight and strategies regarding the program changes and enhancements while creating a playful environment on a virtual platform. We geared all our efforts toward safeguarding, managing, and maximizing, where Paradigm’s account managers facilitated collaborative workshops on audit preparedness, productivity, and participation. Through detailed discussions, participants dug into the factors that impact program performance and, ultimately, the bottom line. Several of the sessions welcomed special guests, and it wouldn’t have been a Paradigm event without games and prizes.

Paradigm is grateful to be your partner in this challenging but essential work. Thank you for allowing us to support you as you impact children and families in your communities. If you could not join us this year, we hope you will catch us next year.

“I always look forward to your annual conference. They’re informative, engaging, and entertaining. You present the material in a fun and interactive process that allows for a better understanding of the material.” —Melinda Taylor, Fullerton Elementary SD

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Paradigm Healthcare Presents "Making a Difference"

The story of four Medi-Cal billing program coordinatorsand their sidekicks.

Event History

For nearly two decades, Paradigm has proudly hosted annual conferences at no cost to the attendees. In 2019 and 2020, there was a surge in attendance, which doubled the average enrollment. Today, the community is more engaged than ever and is experiencing the kind of support it needs to safeguard, manage & maximize its Medi-Cal billing programs.

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