2018 School Medicaid Collaborative Conferences

One of Paradigm’s foundational beliefs is that school Medi-Cal programs play a significant role in enhancing opportunities for students and families in our communities—our conferences are a place for program coordinators to come together, learn, and collaborate with their peers to strengthen their programs and, as a result, their communities.

Our day-long conference will provide general program updates as well as an environment where you can learn from our program specialists and your peers; you’ll walk away feeling more confident and empowered in your role as Coordinators.

Manage, Maximize, & Protect. This year, our conferences will focus on the three foundational building blocks essential for any successful school Medicaid program: management, maximization, and protection. The workshops will provide you an opportunity to learn more about each of these areas, apply some of the skills and tips in group activities, and take an even deeper look into each and how they can fit into your district’s specific needs.

Our conference objective is to expose you to new data and information that will assist you in your efforts toward achieving compliance with program rules and running optimized programs. We hope you’ll join us!


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