Paradigm proudly hosted its 20th annual event. From 28 February through 11 March 2022, stakeholders from across California attended the School Medicaid Billing Education Series (SMBES 2022). “Combining the Pieces to Elevate Your Student Health Programs” was the focus for guests who participated this year.

The education series was free and open to anyone interested in growing their school Medicaid billing programs. Across two weeks, Paradigm offered 30 professional development workshops, including learning labs. Attendees discovered everything from basic program information to more complex topics. They also explored opportunities the recent State Plan Amendment expanded upon.

In addition, attendees had the unique opportunity to learn and collaborate with their peers based on four levels of knowledge and experience within the Medi-Cal billing programs. Attendees concluded the education series with an increased understanding of how these programs can be leveraged for maximum reimbursements. They received safeguarding tools and management strategies to help them take their billing programs to the next level.

We look forward to next year’s event, but you don’t have to wait a whole year to begin growing your billing programs. Join us today in the School Medicaid Community Hub, where we host one-off workshops every quarter.

I really liked that the presenters set aside time throughout their presentation to answer questions as they were coming through. Many webinars I attend don’t do that.

—Corrine Boatwright, Konocti Unified School District

I think that everything present at this conference was very useful. It helped to fill in some gaps that no one else could answer here in my district.

—Lillian Nunez, Escondido Union School District

I really liked the learning labs and hands-on collaboration. It’s always helpful to learn from colleagues as we don’t often have colleagues within our own district that work on what we do.

—Pamela Heaton, Saugus Union School District

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this conference. I can tell a lot of hard work and detail went into every day’s sessions. You are all AMAZING!

—Joane Carpenter, Kelseyville Unified School District

Paradigm Healthcare Presents

a SMBES 2022 Short Film

Together, Victor and Kathleen search for unique ideas to produce a powerful experience for attendees. As the clues are discovered, they assemble a competent and passionate team.

“I always look forward to your annual conference. They’re informative, engaging, and entertaining. You present the material in a fun and interactive process that allows for a better understanding of the material.” 

—Melinda Taylor, Fullerton Elementary SD

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Event History

For two decades, Paradigm has proudly hosted annual conferences at no cost to the attendees. In 2022, there was a surge in attendance from stakeholders across California. The School Medicaid Community is more engaged than ever before and is experiencing the kind of support it needs to safeguard, manage & maximize its Medi-Cal billing programs.

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