County-BasedAdministrative Claiming

Only what you need

We customize our services to save you time, make documentation easy, enhance transparency in your process, and bring you expertise when you need it. With experience writing and implementing county plans, Paradigm can assume full responsibility for your program or provide customized technology solutions to enhance it.

Claim Plan Manager

Centralize, organize, and archive all claim plan and invoice documents in state-compliant formats.

MAA Time Surveys

Collect clean, accurate time survey data with real-time error checking.

Oversight & Reporting

Track and validate time survey data with ease and in real-time. Generate reports in a single click.

Total program control, at your fingertips

Paradigm designed MAA Gateway to meet the needs of a fully integrated perpetual time survey process. The flexibility of MAA Gateway allows you to implement a single- or multi-level time data validation workflow, and it is supported with a notification service to encourage full participation from your users. MAA Gateway will allow you to expand your program easily and to reduce administrative tasks. With just an Internet connection, efficient program management is at your fingertips.

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