Bills We’re Tracking: 2017 California Legislation

Two bills have been introduced in the California Legislature for the 2017-18 session that directly relate to the School-Based Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (SMAA) and LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option programs. Both bills carry language similar to what was proposed under the Senate Bill (SB) 123, which was vetoed by the Governor last September.

We’ll be tracking these bills as they are amended and heard in various committees over the coming months.

AB 834: School-based health programs

AB 834 would establish an Office of School-Based Health Programs within the California Department of Education (CDE) to administer health-related programs within CDE and “advise on issues related to the delivery of school-based Medi-Cal services.” The bill would also authorize a new workgroup for the purpose of assisting in these efforts that would include representatives of LEAs and other entities involved in the delivery of school-health services. This differs from current DHCS SMAA program workgroups which generally exclude participation by California LEAs due to the contracting structure which utilizes Local Educational Consortia (LEC) and Local Governmental Agencies (LGA) as intermediaries between LEAs and the state.

AB 481: Medi-Cal administrative claiming

AB 481 would prohibit LEC and LGA from requiring an LEA to contract and pay for SMAA program services that fall outside the scope of oversight and monitoring, allowing LEC and LGA to act as vendors for services that fall outside that realm. The bill would also require DHCS to develop a new appeal process for LEAs within the SMAA program and establish an advisory committee that will represent the interests of LEAs, as well as LECs and LGAs.