Buzz About “Heartbleed”

April 16, 2014 – San Francisco, CA – The first responsibility of any vendor working with schools and students’ data is to ensure the integrity and the confidentiality of records.  In fact, we are bound by law to keep specific data about students confidential, including information related to health services provided in the school setting.

A bug, aptly named Heartbleed, has been identified in a particular version of OpenSSL, one of the most widely used pieces of internet security software out there. OpenSSL is an encryption technology that protects online accounts for a variety of online communications and electronic commerce. (Essentially, any web application that boasts a secure login or other secure interactions, like email, is potentially vulnerable.) Heartbleed is not impacting Paradigm’s web-based technology, which is comprised of SHN, MAA Gateway, and InTouch. While our technology uses SSL to secure information and transactional data, we are not running the version vulnerable to Heartbleed.

This means that our users can rest easy that students’ confidential health information and all other information exchanged with Paradigm via our technology is absolutely secure. As a matter of interest, Paradigm routinely monitors security alerts and is constantly assessing our technology for vulnerabilities. This ensures the highest level of security for our clients’ data.

More About Paradigm’s Web-based Technology

In response to the changing needs of LEAs, Paradigm began development on what is known today as Student Health Network, or SHN. SHN is a web-based direct service and case management tool that currently manages hundreds of thousands of students’ health records on a daily basis, not to mention automating the Medicaid reimbursement process for such services.

Paradigm’s ongoing dedication to developing technology to enhance our clients’ programs led us to develop two other valuable web tools: MAA Gateway and InTouch. MAA Gateway brings the entire administrative activities claiming process online, providing fully-integrated solutions for traditional worker log and RMTS programs alike. InTouch provides another valuable layer for working with our clients, enabling the secure exchange of other data files necessary to the Medicaid reimbursement process.

Paradigm’s web-based technology has been in use by schools for over a decade; in that time we have a standing record of over 99.95% up-time and zero breaches in security. We are pleased to be able to provide secure, stable technology to our clients.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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