California Announces New System for Obtaining Student Medi-Cal Eligibility Information

DHCS has notified California LEAs and their billing partners that a new system, known as MOVEit, will be used moving forward for transmitting all Medi-Cal eligibility information (i.e. the data tape match) for the LEA Billing Option program. The MOVEit system was launched last year and is currently utilized by select LECs and LGAs for the SMAA program.

All LEAs and billing vendors are required to notify Cheryl Ward at DHCS by COB Monday, August 28. 2017, to receive information necessary to begin the transition to MOVEit and begin accessing the system.

If you are partnered with Paradigm for your LEA Billing program, there is no action required on your part. We are in communication with DHCS and expect a smooth transition for obtaining your eligibility information using the new MOVEit system.