California Announces Option for LEAs to Resubmit FY 09/10 CRCS Reports

Sacramento, CA – May 15, 2012 – During the California Department of Health Care Services’ (DHCS) May 9, 2012 Provider Participation Agreement (PPA) and Annual Report training for schools participating in the LEA Billing Option program, it was announced that LEAs will have the option to resubmit their FY 09/10 CRCS using a state-updated template. This option is an opportunity for those LEAs who had federally funded providers participating in their program and therefore were adversely affected by an error in the original FY 09/10 CRCS.


At the May 9 webinar presented by DHCS, the state announced that LEAs may, but are not required to, resubmit their FY 09/10 CRCS using a new template to be released shortly. The new template allows for the removal of all federal time related to providing healthcare services, ensuring an accurate representation of costs and the maximum allowable dollars due to the LEA.

For those LEAs affected by this issue–which are the majority–a re-submission using the new template will result in a net benefit. Paradigm clients will recall that during Paradigm’s recent Coordinator Conferences, our CRCS session highlighted that although federal costs were not included in the FY 09/10 CRCS claim, the related federal time providing services remained. This resulted in many LEAs having an inaccurate CRCS with an underrepresentation of the “maximum allowable,” meaning in many cases LEAs showed as owing more to the state than they actually should.

The deadline for re-submission of the FY 09/10 CRCS is November 30, 2012.

For Paradigm CRCS Clients

Over the next week, Paradigm will be contacting all clients that partnered with us to complete their FY 09/10 CRCS with a district-specific status update. If your FY 09/10 CRCS was negatively affected by this issue, Paradigm is already in the process of recreating your FY 09/10 CRCS. (We already have everything we need to re-process your CRCS.) If your provider costs did not include federal funds in FY 09/10, it will not need to be re-done.

We will be re-creating all FY 09/10 CRCS over the summer and upon completion will send the redone CRCS to you for review and signature. If you are out for the summer, there is no need to worry, you still have until November 30, 2012 to review and sign, at which point Paradigm will facilitate sending the final document to the state on your behalf.

We will be reaching out to you with further information regarding your LEA in the next week. If you have any immediate questions, please feel free to contact us via email or by calling (888) 536-0920.

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