California Confirms Policy to Allow Claiming of Staff Funded with LEA Billing Reimbursements on Annual CRCS Report

Sacramento, CA – March 30, 2012 – The release of Procedure and Policy Letter (PPL) 12-006 confirms that Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) may include expenditures funded with Standardized Accounting Code Structure (SACS) Resource Code 5640 in the Cost and Reimbursement Comparison Schedule (CRCS) dating back to fiscal year 09/10.

The release of PPL 12-006 comes on the heels of PPL 11-013, which established the claiming of expenditures made with SACS Resource Code 5640 in California’s Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) program. SACS Resource Code 5640 is used for reporting revenue received through the LEA Billing Option program. PPL 12-006 reiterates that revenues (and expenditures) assigned to Resource Code 5640 are no longer considered federal income for the purposes of the LEA Billing Option program. The issuance of PPL 12-006 and PPL 11-013 increases the number of eligible costs that can be claimed through both the LEA Billing Option and MAA programs.

Having been informed of this anticipated change, Paradigm’s clients are already in compliance with the new policies and are benefiting from the inclusion of Resource Code 5640 expenditures in the FY 09/10 CRCS and FY 10/11 MAA invoices.

If you have questions regarding PPL 12-006, please feel free to contact us via email or by calling (888) 536-0920.

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