California DHCS Releases Second Draft of School-Based MAA (SMAA) RMTS Program Plan

Several key documents related to the development of California’s new SMAA program were released by DHCS in January:

2nd Draft of the SMAA-RMTS Plan: released on January 27, 2014, the second draft plan is largely similar to the original; it does include an important revision to the RMTS software procurement process that will allow California companies to bid for software contracts.

CMS Feedback Response: DHCS formally responded to the comments submitted by CMS on the first SMAA-RMTS draft plan (submitted in October, 2013). In many cases, the responses by DHCS correspond to changes or clarifications included in the published second draft of the SMAA-RMTS plan.

New Milestones and Timeline Plan: CMS has approved a new timeline for milestones related to finalizing California’s SMAA program plan and RMTS software ahead of the July 1, 2014 deadline.

The Department has stated that their priority is to get the new SMAA-RMTS plan implemented on schedule, suggesting that certain program and policy changes brought up by various stakeholder groups may be better addressed once things are up and running. California schools have anxiously awaited the new program plan since CMS first mandated the move away from the 5-day worker log in June of 2012.

All stakeholders will have the opportunity to discuss the draft SMAA-RMTS plan, the ongoing process to release funds for deferred invoices, and general topics of interest at the DHCS-hosted Stakeholder Forum on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 in Sacramento (webinar access also available).