Children Now Releases the 2014 California County Scorecard

Children Now is an advocacy organization in California whose mission is to promote children’s health and education in the state and creating national media polices that support child development.  They have released the 2014-15 County Scorecard of Children’s Well-Being.  This tool tracks 29 key Education, Health, and Child Welfare and Economic Well-Being indicators in California, across 58 counties, over time, and by race and ethnicity.

When you visit the scored card you are able to search by county or health and educational indicators including; children who have health insurance for the entire year, children with a usual source of health care, schools that have a health center.  Each county receives a score out of 5 stars for the three indicators of Education, Health, and Child Welfare and Economic Well-Being, and provides you with quick facts about the county such as the number of children in that county, average family income, and the percentage of children living in poverty.  The data is then broken down into even more detail within each category explaining the overall scores.

See how your county measures up here…