CMS Announces Medicaid and School-Based Health Services Affinity Group

The federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced the development of a new group for state Medicaid agencies interested in “partnering with schools and public health to improve access to and the delivery of important preventative health services for children and adolescents.”

Officially called the Medicaid and School-Based Health Services Delivery Affinity Group, this group will be led by CMS’ Medicaid and CHIP Child Core Set and provide webinars and learning circles on state-determined issues (such as consent, financing and sustainability, coordination between school health personnel and primary care providers), one-on-one consultation, and more.

State Medicaid agencies interested in participating in the school-based health affinity group must email CMS by August 23, 2017. Six to eight states will be chosen to participate in the group.

More information is available in the CMS Fact Sheet and announcement.