DHCS Releases Vendor Fee Worksheets for Backcasting & RMTS Invoices

The Vendor Fee Worksheet (VFW), a new mechanism by which DHCS will ensure that LEAs can only claim (i.e. be reimbursed) for up to 15% of their total invoice amount in vendor fees, was released on August 2 after a months-long revision process by DHCS.

This form was required to complete the first round of backcasted invoices from the SMAA deferral, as well as annually for RMTS claims starting with FY 2015/16 and beyond.

The final VFW and instructions are available on the DHCS homepage. If you are partnered with Paradigm for SMAA services, we have already completed your necessary VFWs for backcast claims. The VFW for RMTS invoices are not required until all vendor fees for a fiscal year have been claimed.