Governor’s May Revise Spotlights Medi-Cal Enrollment, But Includes No New HHS Restorations

Yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown unveiled his May Revision of the State Budget for 2014-15, his spending plan for July 1 2014 through June 30, 2015, by trumpeting the strong and successful effort to cover more Californians in Medi-Cal coverage.

“This is good news for California,” he started, referring to a $2.4 billion more in revenues since the January budget, before indicating how the money would be spent. But the Governor did not propose new investments, restorations, or commitments in health and human services in this budget, but rather pointed to the increased Medi-Cal enrollment as where the added revenues are already going. “We have the money to cover more than a million Californians in our Medi-Cal program, many of whom didn’t have coverage before… I am proud we did it, but we also have to take into account that this thing is growing.”

This is an important but not the final word on the state budget, or whether California builds on the success of Medi-Cal enrollment to invest in our health care system. The release of the May Revise, which takes into account taxes that came in for the April 15 deadline, begins a month of negotiations between the Governor and the Legislature.

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