HHS and DOE Release Joint Letter on the Link Between Health and Education Services

A joint letter was released by the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Acting Secretary of Education which praises and encourages a continued partnership between health and education services for children.

Acknowledging the role that health plays in education, the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Acting Secretary of Education released a letter today that encourages Chief School Officers and State Health Officials to work together in service of “high-impact opportunities.”

These opportunities include increasing access to health insurance, creating environments that include strong physical and mental health support, and strengthening the coordination and collaboration between health and education systems.

In the letter, school and state health officials are called on to:

  • help eligible students and family members enroll in Medicaid, CHIP, or the Marketplace
  • provide and expand reimbursable health services in schools
  • provide or expand service supporting at-risk students, including through Medicaid-funded case management
  • promote healthy school practices through nutrition, physical activity, and health education
  • build local partnerships with school-based health centers or participate in hospital community needs assessments


In addition to outlining an agenda to support the continued link between health and education services, HHS and the DOE provided a toolkit for stakeholders. This toolkit includes a breakdown of the actionable items listed above, including resources and a notation on applicable federal laws that protect student data and privacy.

This letter is an important show of support from top federal agencies for the work being done in schools across the nation to provide access to health services and coverage and improve the overall health and well-being of students and their families.

Read the full letter: Joint Letter on the connection between health and education services