Enacted 2021/22 State Budget

On July 9, the 2021/22 California Budget was passed and signed. In it, the proposed budget request submitted by DHCS back in April, specific to the LEA program expansion was included. The budget approves eight permanent positions and expenditure authority of over $2.2 million for FY 2021/22 towards expanding and improving school-based health care. Additionally, another $2 million has been approved over two years for a contractor to help implement the changes that SPA 15-021 brings forth. We are encouraged by this, and we look forward to seeing the positive changes to come.

In addition to the funding mentioned above, the Department of Education will be establishing an Office of School-Based Health Programs and appointing a state school nurse consultant to liaison with DHCS for Medi-Cal programs. Furthermore, an additional $5 million has been allocated to implement the School Health Demonstration Project, a pilot project to expand comprehensive health and mental health services to public school students focusing on program sustainability and bridging the gap between health services and schools. As always, Paradigm continues to watch all legislative language to ensure that your district will be able to benefit from positive changes to come.