LEA Ad-Hoc Advisory Workgroup Publishes August 2017 Meeting Minutes

The LEA Ad-Hoc Advisory Workgroup, comprised of LEA representatives, DHCS, and the California Department of Education (CDE), held their regularly scheduled meeting to make recommendations and discuss issues impacting the LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option Program.

Highlights from the August 2, 2017 meeting include:

  • Dr. Lindy Summers-Bair of the Medical Review Branch retired as of July 31, 2017. At this point, DHCS is unsure whether a replacement will be named to assist with LEA Program issues.
  • DHCS finalized their Fair Share Reimbursement/Collections assessment and instructed Conduent to refund $2,254,303 to LEAs over-collected for the A&I and NCI withholds in FY 2014-15, including a reconciliation of the 1% Administrative withhold due to RADs 710, 728 and 769 (cost settlement, other than cost settlement and Electronic Health Records).
  • A summary of breakout sessions and discussions from FY 2016/17 was also published along with the meeting minutes.

At the time of posting, the October 4, 2017 Ad-Hoc meeting has already taken place; the next meeting is set for December 13, 2017. Notes on this meeting should be published by DHCS in the coming months.

For information on attending the next meeting, LEAs should contact the LEA Inbox at LEA@dhcs.ca.gov.

Past LEA Ad-Hoc Advisory Workgroup meeting minutes are archived on the DHCS website.