LEA Billing and the Federal Funding Effect

San Francisco, CA – February 8, 2012 – Paradigm HealthCare Services releases analysis of the effects of using non-matchable federal dollars to fund LEA service providers.



A review of Paradigm clients’ 2009-10 CRCS results suggest that on average, although interim rates were overall accurate, LEAs whose provider costs included federal, non-matching, funds were hardest hit by the CRCS. This disproportionate impact based on allocation of non-matchable federal dollars to fund providers can be seen across districts of varying size, Medi-Cal percentage, and special education student population.

The summary data below should be used for program maximization strategy purposes only, and is being provided to bring attention to the importance of funding school-based health providers with the largest percentage of matchable funds possible.


Data Analysis

An in-depth analysis of Paradigm clients’ 2009-10 CRCS reports shows first-hand the negative impact of funding providers with non-matchable federal dollars. For example, LEAs who funded their Speech-Language Pathologists with 100% matchable (non-federal) funds were owed an average of 24 cents for each hour of claimed cost; LEAs whose funding for Speech-Language Pathologists included some percentage of non-matchable federal funds owed an average $3.86 per hour of claimed cost.

The chart below shows the average district hourly rates and reimbursements by provider group type.



LEA-Specific Impact

At Paradigm’s upcoming Coordinator Conferences, we will provide each client with a specific breakdown of 2009-10 CRCS results, including how much it ‘costs’  your LEA to continue funding school-health providers with non-matchable federal funds. Armed with this analysis, we will be discussing in detail ways that you can move forward and begin making the necessary changes to prevent against, to the extent possible, a negative CRCS balance due to the federal funding impact.

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