LEA Ad-Hoc Advisory Workgroup Publishes February 2016 Meeting Minutes

The LEA Ad-Hoc Advisory Workgroup, comprised of LEA representatives, DHCS, and the California Department of Education (CDE), held their regularly scheduled meeting to make recommendations and discuss issues impacting the LEA Medi-Cal Billing Option Program.

Highlights from the February 3, 2016 meeting  include:

  • Attendees asked that ongoing DHCS Audits and Investigations (A&I) audits of the LEA Billing Program and CRCS be made public and that all policies referenced by A&I be included in the Provider Manual. This comes on the heels of ongoing discussion regarding the disparity between the guidance that LEAs receive in real-time from DHCS program staff and policies that A&I is enforcing while auditing prior years’ claims.
  • The Medicaid Review Branch of A&I  presented on some recent audit findings, underscoring the importance of documentation requirements for LEA claims. Several questions were raised regarding the presentation, specifically in regards to guidance that seemed to conflict with the LEA Provider Manual or exceed regulatory requirements. These questions were tabled for the next Ad-Hoc meeting which is to include an afternoon session focused on audits.

At the time of posting, the April 6, 2016 Ad-Hoc meeting has already taken place. DHCS and Ad-Hoc attendees participated in detailed discussions regarding LEA Billing program audit compliance. Notes on this discussion will be published in meeting minutes by DHCS to their website in the coming weeks.

For information on attending the next meeting, scheduled for June 1, 2016, LEAs should contact the LEA Inbox at LEA@dhcs.ca.gov.

Past LEA Ad-Hoc Advisory Workgroup meeting minutes are archived on the DHCS website.