March Medi-Cal Bulletin for LEAs Posted – New Retroactive Adjustment for Under- and Over-Collection of Withholds

The March Medi-Cal Bulletin for California LEAs has been published to the DHCS website.

One item of interest is an announcement regarding a retroactive adjustment of LEA claims due to under- and over-collection on withholds back to July 2011. DHCS has confirmed that these are related to the administrative fees withheld and capped at an annual maximum, also stating that most of the reconciliations are from FY 2013-14.

Per an email sent to LEA Billing program stakeholders on February 27, 2017, RAD 728 (Payment to Provider of an Amount Resulting from Other Than a Cost Settlement) will be used for the return to LEAs of over-collected withholds and RAD 720 (Amount Withheld as a Result of Provider Debt Other Than Cost Settlement or Claims Overpayment) will be used to offset money owed back to DHCS for under-collected withholds.