March Medi-Cal Bulletin for LEAs Posted – Reduction of Withhold Percentage

The March Medi-Cal Bulletin for Local Educational Agencies in California has been published to the DHCS website.

One item of interest is that DHCS will be reducing the 2.5% withhold from LEA’s reimbursements that funds audit administration and the Advisory Workgroup to a 1% withhold. Currently, the withhold percentage is used to cover $650,000 annually for audit administration and related activities and $1.5 million annually for the Advisory Workgroup and related program improvement activities — any withholds in excess of the combined $2,150,000 that are received throughout the year are distributed back to LEAs.

The reduction of the withhold will not impact the total amount allocated for these activities, although a change to the total withhold amount is currently being discussed between LEA representatives and A&I at the Advisory Workgroup meetings.

More information on the Advisory Workgroup meetings can be found here on the DHCS website; attendance is open to all interested LEAs.