Marked Progress for Release of School MAA Funds

Paradigm is pleased to announce that its clients are already beginning to receive regional approval for their “SMAA Invoice Supporting Documentation.”


September 5, 2012 – San Francisco, CA – This past June the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) asked the state of California to re-evaluate unpaid School Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (School MAA) claims and to change the reimbursement program’s claiming methodology for fiscal year 2012/13. As a result, the payment of approximately $66 million in school MAA claims (statewide) was deferred.

More recently, the state issued instructions to LEAs on how they can provide “supporting documentation” to validate and certify their outstanding claims. This documentation is to be submitted to the lead regional agency for review and approval, and then it will progress to the state- and federal-levels. The process is designed to validate and confirm compliance with the rules of the program currently in place, and to safeguard against misuse of the program. Once the instructions were issued by the state, Paradigm acted quickly by organizing and assisting its clients with gathering their information in the most complete manner possible.

Paradigm received confirmation this past week that its clients’ supporting documentation is already being approved by lead regional agencies. For Paradigm’s clients, this is marked progress on the path to receiving payment for the School MAA claims to which they are entitled. This news also affirms that Paradigm clients are in-keeping with the rules and regulations that govern this program, and, just as importantly, are in-keeping with the intent of the program. Many California LEAs make use of vendors to assist them with the complex operations of school Medi-Cal programs—the quick approval of Paradigm’s clients’ supporting documentation is evidence of Paradigm’s unparalleled expertise and commitment to its clients… at all times.

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