NASBHC Wants to Know Who is Affected by the Inability to Bill Medicaid for Services Provided for Free to Uninsured and Other Students

The National Assembly on School Based Health Care (NASBHC) is looking for stories from LEAs and states whose health services programs have been negatively impacted by the enforcement of the free care interpretation to support a larger advocacy campaign aimed at reversing this interpretation at the federal level.


The National Assembly on School-Based Health Care (NASBHC) held their annual conference in Chicago this June and Paradigm was in attendance. Among the major issues discussed was free care, a CMS interpretation of Title XIX which prohibits LEAs from receiving reimbursements through the Direct Service Billing program for regular education health services provided to Medicaid eligibles otherwise provided for ‘free’ to the general population.

Paradigm is assisting NASBHC in gathering stories for the advocacy campaign. We are looking primarily for personal stories of how individuals, families and communities are affected by the free care restriction on billing. For example, if districts could bill Medicaid for all general health services provided to Medicaid covered students, what would happen for specific children, families and communities? Who is personally affected by the free care restriction, and how?

If you would like to contribute, please contact Paradigm’s Policy Division at