OIG to Focus on RMTS and School Medicaid Administrative Claiming Programs in 2014 Work Plan

The U.S. Office of Inspector General (OIG) has released their annual Work Plan, a detailed outline of projects for the coming year. The following reviews planned by OIG in 2014 may be of particular interest to those in the school Medicaid community:

Review of state school-based administrative claiming plans where payments are based on random moment sampling systems (RMSS, or RMTS); ‘State Cost Allocation that Deviate from Acceptable Practices’, pg 41 of Work Plan.

Continued focus on state’s administrative costs in support of Medicaid programs; ‘State Allocation of Medicaid Administrative Costs’, pg 41 of Work Plan.

Review of steps taken by CMS to improve the provision of Medicaid EPSDT rates, including an assessment of whether children in enrolled in Medicaid continue to struggle in receiving these services; ‘Utilization of Preventative Screening Services for Children Enrolled in Medicaid’, pg 40 of Work Plan.

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