RMTS for LEA Billing – Implementation Advisory Group Publishes April Meeting Summary

The Implementation Advisory Group (IAG) provided the following updates from their April 5, 2016, meeting:

  • DHCS discussed stakeholder feedback regarding an inquiry as to whether RMTS coders would need to determine whether direct health service moments coded to Code 2 were actually billed with proper supporting documentation by a qualified Medi-Cal provider.
    • Belief is that the coder will be responsible for coding based on the response provided (asking clarifying questions, when appropriate), but not responsible for ensuring that the moment was properly billed to Medi-Cal.
  • DHCS confirmed that they have had two additional conference calls with CMS (March 15 and March 24) regarding the Request for Additional Information (RAI). DHCS and CMS continue to work collaboratively, addressing the RAI questions in phases.
  • The IAG reviewed a draft cost report that incorporates RMTS components, as well as includes schedules detailing transportation costs. The IAG will continue this discussion at the next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 4, 2016

Feedback for the IAG, including questions and concerns, can be submitted using the online  Stakeholder Feedback Tool.