UPDATED: SB-123 Advances with Changes

**Update as of July 11, 2016**

Since this posting was originally published, Senator Liu’s office has released an updated Fact Sheet and Q&A document regarding SB 123. These documents include helpful information about the intention and proposed execution of the bill that may be helpful to those considering whether to support passage of the bill.

These new documents also correct an error in the most recent bill language which stated DHCS would be required to transition RMTS to a single statewide program; in actuality, the bill language will allow the new Program and Policy Workgroup to make recommendations to reduce the total number of RMTS universes (currently 9 statewide) to improve state oversight by streamlining and simplifying the process.


**Original article, posted July 1, 2016**

Senate Bill 123 (Liu), ‘Medi-Cal School-Based Administrative Activities’, passed out of the Assembly Committee on Education by a 5-0 vote after being amended based on feedback from the Committee.

Changes to the proposed bill, amended on June 30, include:

  • LEAs would have the option to contract directly with the Department – meaning, at an LEA’s discretion, the LEA could contract with either their LGA, their LEC, or DHCS.
  • Clarifications were made to contracting requirements and perimeters between all parties (LEAs, LECs, LGAs, and DHCS). This includes a provision that LECs and LGAs shall only require LEAs to contract with them for oversight and monitoring services; LECs and LGAs would still be able to provide additional add-on services such as invoicing but at the option of the district and on a fee-for-service basis.
  • Language requiring California to transition to a single statewide random moment time survey (RMTS) was added back into the bill.
  • Additional details regarding the formation of a new School-Based Health Program and Policy Workgroup, including specifications regarding workgroup objectives, membership, and the roles of both CDE and DHCS, were added.


The bill moves onto the Appropriations Committee when the Legislature reconvenes from their Summer Recess on August 1, 2016.

Source: Bill Text – SB-123 Medi-Cal: school-based administrative activities.