Schools Featured in California’s Plan for Expanded Outreach and Enrollment Efforts Under Health Reform

[Updated, 07-02-12] California’s Health Benefit Exchange Board (HBEX), an independent public agency tasked with preparing and implementing health reform throughout the state, recently released their draft, “Statewide Marketing, Outreach & Education and Assisters Program Workplan for the California Health Benefits Marketplace.” Schools are highlighted in the draft planas a main access point for reaching several populations in the effort to link as many eligible children and families to health insurance under health reform.

** Update, July 2, 2012 ** California HBEX released their final draft recommendations on outreach and enrollment efforts, including details on the statewide Assisters Program on June 28, 2012. Planned collaboration with schools in achieving the goals set out by by HBEX carried over into the final draft reports, and can be found on page 55 of the “Statewide Marketing, Outreach & Education and Assisters Program Workplan for the California Health Benefits Marketplace” report.
This recognition and validation for schools, who perform health-related outreach and enrollment activities on a regular basis, should not be overlooked. With the state planning to ramp up targeted measures over the next few years, including use of schools as key access points, Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) can anticipate to play an even larger role in the efforts to link as many eligible Californians to health insurance under the expanded eligibility and regulations initiated by health reform.

The Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) program, reimburses schools and public agencies for costs associated with outreach and enrollment of eligibile students and families to the Medi-Cal program. The ACA and recent California state budget proposals, which include shifting over 875,000 children enrolled in the Health Families program to Medi-Cal, are likely to make schools’ participation in the MAA program even more critical.

Final plans for outreach and enrollment under HBEX, including changes to the California Application Assister (CAA) program, could come as early as June 30, 2012.

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