September Medi-Cal Bulletin for LEAs Posted – Updated Reimbursement Rates & Adjustments of LEA Claims

The September Medi-Cal Bulletin for California LEAs has been published to the DHCS website.

Two items of interest include:

  1. Notification that LEAs can expect to see additional dollars related to retroactive reimbursement rate increases dating back to dates of survey on or after July 1, 2016. DHCS has published the adjusted rates here on their website: FY 2016-17 Current Reimbursement Rates Table. This is great news and there is no action required on the LEAs part.
  2. DHCS will be adjusting LEA claims due to under- and over-collection on withholds. This is an annual process to ensure fair-share contribution toward the various withholds applied to LEAs’ claims for administrative functions such as A&I and the LEA Ad-Hoc Workgroup fund. No EPCs will be issued as part of the adjusted reimbursements on withholds.