SMAA Workgroup Publishes May 2019 Meeting Notes

The SMAA Workgroup posted the meeting notes from their May 1, 2019, SMAA Workgroup Meeting; highlights from that meeting include:

Draft PPL 19-XXX, RMTS Sample Period—Continued the discussion from their April 17 meeting specifically regarding adjusting quarter four to accommodate the four day response period, see below:

  • DHCS confirmed that reducing the quarter 4 sample period by 4 student attendance days will not impact the statistical validity of the sample.
  • DHCS reached out to CMS for clarification on whether or not shortening the quarter would affect whether the LECS/LGAs could claim the full amount of TSP costs for that quarter. CMS responded that “What moments are selected for the RMTS sample has no direct connection to what costs are included on the invoice. All costs of the certified TSPs prior to the start of the quarter are included on the SMAA invoice or CRCS form, and the allocation of those costs to Medicaid is dependent upon the RMTS results for whichever staff get selected. The altering of the universe of available moments has no impact on what costs get included.”

TSP Replacements During the Quarter—DHCS had a call with CMS on Thursday, April 25, 2019, where they discussed their policy on TSP replacements for both existing TSPs that have left the LEA, and for new TSP providers hired after the TSP list certification. CMS is currently reviewing DHCS’ request to add a procedure for TSP replacements during a quarter. Additionally, DHCS asked CMS if it was possible to certify a TSP list that includes vacant positions in order to fill those positions with new TSPs that may have been hired after the TSP list was certified. CMS is reviewing the request and will provide a response to DHCS soon.

The next SMAA Workgroup meeting is on May 15, 2019, from 9:00 am-10:00 am


For information on attending the next meeting, LEAs should contact the SMAA mailbox at

Past SMAA Workgroup meeting notes are archived on the DHCS website.