Two Bills Related to California’s School-Based MAA Program Expire in the Legislature

Two bills introduced in the California Assembly and Senate in 2011 have failed to pass out of committee by the required deadline needed to secure a floor vote and are no longer eligible for consideration this legislative term.


AB (Assembly Bill) 760, Gordon

Introduced by Assemblymember Richard Gordon, this bill proposed several programmatic changes to the Healthy Start Act, including a provision that would require Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) or consortia applying for Healthy Start grant funds to submit details on how any Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) reimbursements might be reinvested in the Healthy Start program.

The language did not require that any programmatic or regulatory changes be made to the MAA program or dictate how unrestricted MAA reimbursements were to be used. Instead, it sought to hold the Healthy Start program accountable for creating a plan in which any MAA reimbursements allotted would be reinvested in Healthy Start.

SB (Senate Bill) 213, Hancock

Introduced by Senator Loni Hancock, this bill sought to change the regulations dictating MAA program operations to include a plan to be administered jointly by the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and the California Department of Education that would identify and provide assistance to districts that were underutilizing the MAA program.

The bill did not provide extensive detail about the ways in which the proposed legislation would impact existing MAA program operations. It only stated that the plan would “address ways to collect information about how districts are reinvesting dollars generated through MAA billing and to promote promising strategies” (SB 213, Hancock, 2011).