What We Do

Paradigm Healthcare Services partners with schools, county offices of education, and public health departments and agencies to manage their Medicaid direct service billing, administrative claiming, and cost reconciliation programs. Our consulting services and technology solutions provide the tools for maximum recovery of federal reimbursement for the costs of providing eligible health, outreach, and special education services.

Our Programs

School Based Programs

For more than two decades, Paradigm has pioneered school access to Medicaid funding. With our expertise, your programs will run with greater efficiency and will receive more reimbursements. Our experienced billing specialists, policy analysts, technology experts, and client support team will make sure you are getting your fair share.

Public Agency Administrative Claiming

We customize our services to save you time, make documentation easy, enhance transparency in your process, and bring you expertise when you need it. With experience writing and implementing county plans, Paradigm can assume full responsibility for your program or provide customized technology solutions to enhance it.

Random Moment Time Study (RMTS)

RMTS is a federally approved method of capturing time data used in school and county agency Medicaid billing programs in many states. Paradigm has authored RMTS plans for state review and approval and offers robust RMTS technology. We can easily guide you through the transition from the worker log to the RMTS method to provide statistical and regulatory compliance, increased efficiency, and enhanced transparency in your program.

Our Services

We know your needs may extend beyond our programs. We are actively engaged in policy analysis and tracking, and also offer other professional consulting services.

Policy Center

Understanding policy has always been a cornerstone at Paradigm. Now, with our Policy Center, you have first-class access to our entire database. We’ve put our knowledge at your fingertips.

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Consulting Services

Paradigm consulting services are available to assist your programs and organizations gain greater depth of knowledge, and provide you the tools you need.

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School Based Medicaid Programs

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Public Agency Medicaid Programs

Administrative claiming

Policy Center

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