Public Agency Administrative Claiming

We customize our services to save you time, make documentation easy, enhance transparency in your process, and bring you expertise when you need it. With experience writing and implementing county plans, Paradigm can assume full responsibility for your program or provide customized technology solutions to enhance it.

Medicaid Administrative Claiming

Medicaid reimburses county public health departments, hospitals, and community-based organizations for a portion of costs incurred daily providing outreach and enrollment in Medicaid and gaining access to its covered health services. Reimbursements through Medicaid’s program can greatly benefit your agency’s budgets and ensure that individuals have access to low-cost/no-cost health care. Paradigm's extensive history with Medicaid Administrative Claiming (MAC) began in 1998 when Paradigm consulted with CBOs, hospitals, and local government agencies to support their outreach programs by implementing the MAC program.

Technology Solution

Paradigm’s MAA Gateway makes tracking Medicaid administrative activities data and processing invoices simple. Applicable to any approved time survey method—worker log, perpetual, or random moment—MAA Gateway is a paperless, web-based solution that covers all of your needs.

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Public Agency Medicaid Programs

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