Random Moment Time Study

The RMTS method has many advantages. Our services are customized to save you time, make documentation easy, enhance transparency in your process, and bring you expertise when you need it. Backed by two decades of experience in school Medicaid programs design and implementation, Paradigm’s RMTS solution is both effective and simple.

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Paradigm Advantage

Paradigm’s RMTS solution streamlines the data collection process and provides flexible oversight and reporting capacity, which keeps your RMTS program simple and compliant. But running an RMTS program is more than just technology—with Paradigm you benefit from two decades of experience and knowledge. You are supported by a team of expert billing specialists and courteous support staff that are there to help make sure you are getting your fair share.

Your Solution

An efficient RMTS program uses sophisticated technology. Paradigm’s RMTS technology ensures that each user type—participants, plan managers, or regional and state reviewers—benefits from a friendly interface, assurance of statistical credibility, and transparency in the program.

  • Simple participant interface, including online orientation
  • Built-in notification and messaging system
  • Customizable sampling and moment classification
  • Flexible oversight and audit capacity
  • Integrated compliance monitoring and easy reporting

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