For nearly two decades, Paradigm has hosted annual conferences to provide program coordinators the opportunity to participate in workshops and lectures geared toward supporting their work in the MAA and LEA Billing programs. These conferences provide a unique opportunity to connect with your peers and learn from not just our experts, but each other.

“Every year that I attend the conference I always take away some good information. Great group of people that are involved…” – Coordinator, San Luis Coastal

2018 Conference

Manage. Maximize. Protect.

Our 2018 School Medicaid Collaborative Annual Conferences focused on the three essential building blocks for any successful school Medicaid program: management, maximization, and protection.  Workshops provided attendees with the opportunity to learn more about each of these areas, hear from their peers, and work together to practice new skills in group activities.

Attendees were also exposed to new data and information to support their ongoing compliance with program rules, while also running their most optimized and efficient programs. This year was another success, and we look forward to building off this success in the coming year and leading into 2019!

The School Medicaid Collaborative Annual Conferences are a great fit for anyone involved in the administration or day-to-day coordination of their school Medi-Cal programs and wants to expand their personal and professional development.

2017 Conference

Conference Highlights

Nearly 200 school health champions attended our annual School Medicaid Collaborative conferences this past Spring! Our thanks goes to our attendees for making our vision for this year’s conferences a reality. Here are some highlights from this year:

Creating, Maintaining, and Monitoring Daily Documentation

Tips for implementing processes and protocols to facilitate thorough and proper documentation on the part of providers and MAA program participants.

Understanding the RMTS Invoice

This session covered what you need to know about the new RMTS invoice and how to perform quality assurance checks and use data from your claim to encourage support from your administrators.

What’s Your Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a powerful tool in your efforts to motivate participants and engage administrators. Attendees honed their leadership skills and walked away with a mission statement and a plan for their programs.

Creating a Culture of Compliance

Using specific program requirements as examples (think: parent consent and physician prescriptions), attendees discussed how cultivating a culture of compliance can help make your job easier and less stressful while improving audit-readiness.

CRCS: Soup-to-Nuts

This session covered the information in your CRCS and supporting documentation, and how to leverage this information to improve your program.

Leveraging Your Data

This session covered how to use program data and reporting to gain actionable insights into the MAA and LEA Billing programs, and how to leverage those insights into improved billing, efficiency, and compliance.

Table Talks

  • Parent Consent, FERPA, & IDEA
  • Dealing with Difficult Participants
  • Billing for Non-IEP Services
  • Prescriptions, Referrals, & Recommendations

“Excellent conference! So good connecting and networking in addition to the excellent information that you all presented!” -Coordinator, Orange USD