School Medicaid Collaborative Conferences

2020 Conference Summary

This year, with DHCS formally submitting State Plan Amendment (SPA) 15-021 to CMS and its anticipated implementation on July 1, 2020, there are several changes that LEAs must navigate to ensure their continued success with school Medicaid programs. Paradigm’s 2020 School Medicaid Collaborative Conferences focused on the “Art & Science of Coordinating.” Our account managers offered guests specific strategies and tools to stay ahead of these upcoming program changes while also emphasizing best practices. 

In professional development workshops, conference attendees learned vital information, collaborated in groups, workshopped strategies, and celebrated one another’s successes. The work coordinators do is often in the background yet it has immediate and far reaching impact on students. So, we made sure to celebrate and acknowledge them with prizes galore, delicious food, and camaraderie from within the #schoolmedicaid community.

Paradigm is thankful to all who attended this year, and if you missed the event, we hope to see you at the next one. Thank you for choosing Paradigm to be your partner in this meaningful work.

“I always look forward to your annual conference. They’re informative, engaging, and entertaining. You present the material in a fun and interactive process that allows for a better understanding of the material.” —Melinda Taylor, Fullerton Elementary SD

Conference Summary

Recap of Events

Paradigm’s foundational belief is that school Medicaid programs play a significant role in enhancing opportunities for students and families in our communities. That is why it is our highest priority to always offer accessible support to all our partners and stakeholders and host our events in several locations throughout California.

FresnoFairfieldSan DiegoGarden GroveOntario, and Monrovia

Science of What’s Ahead

This was a thorough briefing on the upcoming implementation of SPA 15-021 and how to prepare the programs for integration. Attendees left feeling assured they’re ahead of the game, and we livened up the workshop with self-care “spa” treatments!

Art of Safeguarding

There is an art to determining what to prioritize and when to prioritize it. And, this workshop was a paint by numbers of what is required in an audit and where to place focus. Attendees left with their safeguarding masterpieces, and even a few “paint and sip” kits.

Science of Generating Reimbursements

By digging into the main factors that drive the bottom line, we celebrated our coordinators and the hard work they do to provide opportunities for students to thrive. Attendees left with scientific tools to ensure their programs will have maximum impact, and at least “100 Grand” (candy bar).

Science of Coordinating

To effectively safeguard, manage, and maximize these programs, program coordinators are like “Special OPS.” They must organize, prioritize, and schedule. This workshop focused on “how-to” effectively manage this critical work while getting a little lesson in country music.

Art of Coordinating

Paradigm revealed its newest tech to help coordinators streamline the LEA Billing program management process. Each attendee was provided a laptop for this session and was able to get hands-on practice while also learning time-saving shortcuts.

Event History

For nearly two decades, Paradigm has proudly hosted annual conferences at no cost to the attendees. However, attendance in 2019 and 2020 has more than doubled, which means the community is substantially growing, and more of you are experiencing the kind of support you need to safeguard, manage & maximize your school programs.