“Always gets your mind working…”

March 26, 2013 – San Francisco, CA – Paradigm hosts its Coordinator Conferences throughout the state on an annual basis to energize clients and provide program coordinators, administrators, and fiscal coordinators with a renewed grasp on their Medi-Cal billing programs. Attendees are exposed to new data and information that helps them achieve and maintain compliance with Medi-Cal program rules while obtaining optimal reimbursements. The conferences have been a Paradigm mainstay for over a decade and, as the quoted attendee highlights, continue to be an effective tool in addressing the needs of Medi-Cal program coordinators.

Topics from this year’s conferences included:

1. An update on all major policy issues from the last year and a review of those outstanding issues that Paradigm’s Policy & Research division is focusing on in 2013.

2. Thoughts and lessons learned from a recently retired Deputy Superintendent who had taken on the task of enhancing his District’s local Medi-Cal billing programs. The essence of his message was, “It takes a village.” (And we couldn’t agree more.)

3. The usual (and necessary) review of MAA and LEA Billing audit requirements and best practices, in a not so usual format. A creative twist on the traditional format engaged even the most seasoned of coordinators.

4. An entire breakout session devoted to the LEA Billing Cost and Reimbursement Comparison Schedule (CRCS). Client-specific cost reports were distributed and used as teaching tools in a discussion on the CRCS audit process, helping coordinators ‘walk-back’ the overall impact of the CRCS on their LEA Billing program.

5. The ever-hot-topic of using random moment time studying (RMTS) in the MAA program. Attendees got a taste of how RMTS will change the operation of their local MAA programs as well as immediate steps that can be taken to gear up for success.

6. General information and guidance on billing for transportation, billing for specialty mental health, and billing for contracted services. All three of these topics were reviewed in light of new regulations and information that has been issued on these processes.

7. Last, but not least, a review of changes Paradigm is making to its technologies offerings which will offer a more streamlined, efficient, and effective user experience.

Paradigm clients who were unable to attend the conferences this year can still benefit from the material that was covered. Simply contact Paradigm via email or by phone at (888) 536-0920 for more information.

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