DHCS Documents Updated for 2016 Transportation Changes

On November 14, 2018, DHCS released PPL 18-027; this PPL is confirmation that DHCS updated their materials to accommodate the State changes made in 2016; it includes a link to the DHCS Transportation Billing Guide now updated to reflect these changes.

As a reminder, special-education students’ medically necessary transportation in a litter van, wheelchair van, or a school bus equipped with lifts, ramps, and/or restraints to and from home, and to and from medical service sites, may be billed if, on the day of service:

  1. The student receives a Medi-Cal-covered health service at the transported site, and
  2. Both the covered service and medical transportation services are in the student’s IEP/IFSP.

For more history on this issue click here to see our post from January 2016.