DHCS’ Provider Enrollment Division (PED) Updates Ordering, Referring, and Prescribing (ORP) Provider Enrollment Rules

DHCS has confirmed that their Provider Enrollment Division (PED) has updated enrollment rules to ensure applications from registered, credentialed school nurses (RCSNs) and licensed educational psychologists (LEPs) will no longer be denied.

Effectively immediately, LEP and RCSN providers may re-submit applications to enroll as Medi-Cal ORP providers in order to comply with the LEA Program’s ORP Policy. In the LEA Program, LEPs and RCSNs may provide recommendations for psychology and counseling treatment services. When utilizing DHCS’s Provider Application and Validation for Enrollment (PAVE) website, LEP and RCSN applicants should select “other” as their provider type. Applicants selecting “other” will be prompted to enter their provider type.

Although some LEP/RCSN ORP applications may have been originally submitted months ago and were denied, the effective enrollment will remain one year prior to the date DHCS received the complete application package. Therefore, claims with dates of service 7/1/18 and forward, which is the effective date of the ORP policy, should not be affected.