Doing Our Part to Address Free Care

January 29, 2015 – San Francisco, CA – There has been a lot of buzz about the federal government’s recent reversal of the free care rule, a policy that had effectively prevented schools from billing Medicaid for health services provided to their general education population. The reversal of this policy is the biggest thing to hit school Medicaid billing programs in the last decade and people are talking about what this will mean for school-based health programs and the children that rely on these services across the country.

Having seen the impact of lower reimbursements to schools in California, Paradigm has been working toward a resolution to free care from the very start. Over the past decade we have published articles, given presentations, engaged policymakers and state agencies, and connected with countless groups seeking to promote greater access to health care in schools. Change takes time, but each year the chorus of voices grew louder and eventually this coalition of advocates achieved their goal of seeing the free care policy reversed in December 2014.

We are incredibly proud to have worked with several organizations who were central in bringing about this momentous change, including:

As the policy reversal of free care moves into the implementation phase, and state’s begin to roll out billing for the health assessments and treatments provided by schools to children on Medicaid, we will continue to monitor and track the progress along with the strong network of advocates who worked so hard to bring about this opportunity.