PPL 20-031: Random Moment Time Survey (RMTS) Participant Equivalency Process

On Friday, July 31, 2020, California DHCS released PPL No. 20-031 outlining the process and requirements for its RMTS Time Survey Participant (TSP) List Equivalency Request for LEA Billing purposes. This is good news for LEAs with providers who perform direct medical services as a primary job function but do not have a job title that matches the approved RMTS classification list.

DHCS is taking care to ensure its house is in order as it integrates RMTS into the LEA Billing process. Not only do all active LEA Billing providers need to be in RMTS Pool 1 of the TSP list, the classifications of the providers have to be approved to be included in Pool 1. This is not new and for most LEA providers, this is not a challenge. Things get a little messy when considering staff that perform specialized health care procedures and/or activities of daily living as their primary job function. This is because for some, these staff do not hold a title of “Trained Health Care Aide.”

If this is the case, LEAs will need to complete and submit a TSP List Equivalency Request.

  • The request can be submitted for an entire classification, or an individual
  • If your request is approved, it will be evergreen
  • You will need to include a job description and justification with your request
  • The primary job function must be direct medical services (e.g., performing specialized health care procedures as a primary role)
  • The request must be submitted 45 days before a quarter starts; which means, if you want to request equivalency for Q2 2020/21, it must be submitted no later than August 14, 2020