SMAA Workgroup Publishes April 2019 Meeting Notes

The SMAA Workgroup posted the meeting notes from their April 17, 2019, SMAA Workgroup Meeting; highlights from that meeting include:

  • Draft PPL 19-XXX, RMTS Sample Period—Addressing submitted stakeholder comments and questions
    • Moments assigned for the last minute of a shift; currently, the system may create a moment that begins the minute a shift ends (e.g., shifts ending at 5:00 pm may receive a moment from 5:00 pm-5:01 pm).
      • Concern was expressed about the potential burden on LECs/LGAs (and/or LEAs) if they have to adjust each TSP’s schedule by a minute in order to ensure that no moments are issued during the final minute of a shift.
      • Additionally, coders do not have access to a participant’s shift so this is a software issue rather than a coder training issue.
      • DHCS will meet with the SMAA Workgroup co-chairs and PCG to discuss this issue.
    • Adjusting quarter four to accommodate the four day response period.
      • Stakeholders requested to not have moments assigned the last 4 student attendance days of the Q4 time survey period, as participants would not have the full 4 day period to respond.
      • DHCS stated in response that PPL 19-XXX, RMTS Sample Period will be added to the Action Items list and ensure that stakeholders have the chance to submit comments before the PPL is posted.
  • Requested SPA 15-021 Implementation Delay—DHCS confirmed they have requested that the RMTS/LEA Integration implementation be delayed until 2020, with the rest of the SPA (new services/providers and general education billing) still being implemented July 1, 2019.  DHCS is still waiting for CMS’ response to the request.
  • SMAA Invoice Submission Due Dates—DHCS will maintain the 15-month submission timeline until further notice (there was a previous discussion about moving to a 12-month submission timeline).
  • OIG Report A-07-18-04107 December 2018—The OIG Report Review Workgroup met to discuss documentation requirements and is developing a list of documentation examples.

The next SMAA Workgroup meeting is on May 1, 2019, from 9:00 am-10:00 am


For information on attending the next meeting, LEAs should contact the SMAA mailbox at

Past SMAA Workgroup meeting notes are archived on the DHCS website.