The Paradigm Difference

Expertise matters

We understand the complexity of how school health programs are funded and operate. Because of this, Paradigm is able to leverage our expertise to ensure your claims are fully optimized, audit-ready, and provide you with the highest level of program management service and support along the way.

Consulting Services

Optimizing your MAA reimbursement potential is nuanced, which can place a high demand on staff time and resources. Paradigm will:

  • Fully assess your reimbursement potential, including a thorough review of all funding sources for participating staff
  • Provide best practices training and hands-on support for complying with program rules and regulations
  • Analyze your quarterly RMTS Coding Reports to identify opportunities for improvement and increased compliance
  • Provide hands-on evaluations of your audit documentation and preparedness
  • Offer unlimited access to Paradigm’s Client Care Center for on-demand assistance
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Fiscal & Claims Services

Paradigm has the experience and efficacy to perform MAA claims administration cost-effectively for your LEA. Paradigm will:

  • Extract all relevant participant data from your financial systems and sort through this information on your behalf
  • Determine Medi-Cal eligibility using our proprietary algorithms and expertise
  • Create your claims and provide any supporting information that may be requested by regional, state, and federal agencies 
  • Provide regular and dependable management reports for the ongoing analysis of your MAA claims
  • Offer unlimited access to Paradigm’s Client Care Center for on-demand assistance
Case Study: Doubling Reimbursements

As a Paradigm client, you benefit from:


We know how to navigate ever-changing program policy and will provide solutions for operating an efficient MAA program

Time and Cost Savings

We lower your operations and overhead costs by assuming responsibility for all program processes that can be outsourced

Maximum Return

By tapping into your potential, we ensure you are able to leverage all available funding through the program


We ensure your claims are appropriate and audit-ready, and prove you with the detailed backup documentation needed in the event of an audit


Your staff can draw on our extensive and accessible knowledge-base; you will not be going at this alone


All of our work is documented for audit purposes, and our services are in keeping with both the letter and intent of MAA claiming regulations

“The efficiency and success of our relationship with Paradigm is evidenced by the amount of reimbursement funds both these programs (MAA & LEA) have generated for the district. We have been continually impressed with the level of service and support Paradigm provides for both the LEA and MAA billing programs.” –Program Coordinator, Pasadena USD

We provide schools thesupport they need

Our experienced advisors, policy analysts, technology experts, and on-call support team are certain to exceed your expectations.

We offer:
  • Dedicated Program Advisors
  • Accurate and comprehensive claims processing services (billing)
  • Innovative “how-to” training
  • Streamlined participation with our online applications
  • Enhanced participation and compliance with our custom documentation tools
  • Sophisticated reporting and program analytics
  • On-call support for you and your staff
  • Value-added program advocacy and policy analysis


Random Moment Time Studies (RMTS)

The nuances of any RMTS application reside in its ability to be user friendly, stable, and to establish a level of confidence that the software will meet all requirements and expectation of all users—Paradigm’s RMTS solution does just that. Our solution is:

  • Flexible - We can easily and swiftly update our RMTS software to handle changes to the parameters surrounding the definition of the RMTS program.
  • Functional and Accurate - We are able to change the coding structure and coding requirements; can setup pools of coders at each level of coding; and, can adjust the parameters of the RMTS confidence level and oversampling levels as necessary.
  • Precise - Our method provides the ability to handle individualized quarterly schedules and our proprietary moment generation script considers every work-minute for every person making each work-minute equally likely to be randomly assigned.

Paradigm RMTS technology provides you a statistically valid sampling and makes it easy to prepare your sample universe, coordinate data collection, and monitor and analyze your program.

  • Simple participant interface, including online orientation
  • Built-in notification and messaging system
  • Customizable sampling and moment classification
  • Flexible oversight and audit capacity
  • Integrated compliance monitoring and easy reporting


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