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Every day, program coordinators do challenging work that ultimately makes a difference in their districts and in the lives of the students and families they serve. We hope their stories—told from the field by their account manager—will inspire you and renew your dedication to this challenging but essential work.

Episode 06:

We Have Your Back

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Published: December 2021
Length: 05 min 19 sec

Colleen O’Reilly knows that learning these programs is a huge undertaking, especially for new hires like Kara Beckstead at Konocti USD. Regardless, Kara immersed herself into her role—learning everything she could—and navigated through three enormous challenges as if she were a seasoned pro. Her partnership with Paradigm got her the wins she needed for Konocti.

Episode 05:

A Proactive Approach

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Published: September 2021
Length: 03 min 56 sec

One of the qualities that makes Fullerton Elemnetary School District’s leadership remarkable is their consistency. This past school year (2019/2020), they generated Medi-Cal reimbursements in excess of any prior year through its Medi-Cal billing programs. Nancy Valdez attributes their success to the program coordinator’s and assistant coordinator’s proactive approach.

Episode 04:

The Future Is Bright

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Published: March 2021
Length: 03 min 17 sec

During this particular time of COVID-19, why not take advantage of this “downtime” to get ahead and plan for the future success of these programs? Jessica Holtrust was pleased to see that the Irvine USD team enthusiastically took advantage of this unique opportunity to safeguard their programs for the upcoming year.

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Watch the story of four Medi-Cal billing program coordinators and their sidekicks in "Making a Difference."

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Paradigm believes School Medicaid Billing Programs play a significant role in enhancing students’ and their families’ opportunities in our communities. Without your commitment to these complex billing programs, those opportunities would not be possible. Ultimately, your daily work makes a difference for those who need it most!

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